Family Counseling Therapy

Fractures in family relationships can stem from various factors such as life situations, differing values, or poor decisions made by individual members. Family counseling typically involves two or more family members and aims to provide therapy that equips them with tools to support one another, fosters understanding and respect for differences, and offers resources during challenging times.

Under the guidance of an experienced counselor, family members engage in discussions that promote the development of stronger communication skills and provide strategies for managing stress and conflicts effectively. Through mutual support, families gain the strength and resources needed to overcome both current and future adversities.

Family counseling addresses a wide range of concerns, including communication breakdowns, school and behavioral issues, codependency, mental illness, substance abuse, grief, divorce, life transitions, trauma, court-ordered treatments, and parenting skills. We welcome referrals from DFPS, lawyers, probation officers, courts, and other sources.