Relapse Prevention Program

Sigma Counseling offers a relapse prevention program for substance abuse.  The Relapse Prevention Program is a systematic and cognitive approach focused on assisting clients in developing coping and self-regulation skills in order to recognize and manage external and internal triggers, and relapse warning signs throughout the recovery process. The relapse prevention program primarily focuses on preventing clients from relapse by creating a relapse prevention plan that includes active participation and treatment in an individualized setting.

Recovery is demonstrated as a process of building a new life style through the management of symptoms, as well as achieving and maintaining abstinence in order to return to healthy functioning. Relapse episodes are usually preceded by a series of observable warning signs. Typically, relapse is about falling back into old thoughts and behaviors that progressively increase a person’s distress, ultimately leading to physical and/or emotional collapse. The distress intensifies and can lead a person to justify returning to substance use for relief. To understand the progression of warning signs, it is important to look at the dynamic interaction between recovery and relapse. The dynamic of recovery and avoiding relapse can be described as related processes that include: 1) abstaining from alcohol and other substances; 2) separating from people, places, and things that promote the use of alcohol or substances; and 3) establishing a social network that supports recovery.  

The Sigma Relapse Prevention Program welcomes clients experiencing a range of substance related issues, including voluntary clients, clients on probation, and clients involved with Child Protective Services (CPS).   

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