Mental Retardation

Mental retardation is a disorder evident in childhood as significantly below-average intellectual and adaptive functioning. People with mental retardation experience difficulties with day-to-day activities, to an extent that reflects both the severity of their cognitive deficits and the type and amount of assistance they receive. The course of mental retardation is chronic, meaning that people do not recover.

However, given appropriate training and support, individual with less severe forms can live relatively independent and productive. People with more severe impairments require more assistance in order to participate in work and community life. Down syndrome, which is a kind of mental retardation, is the most common chromosomal form of mental retardation.

Day Habilitation or Community Support Services

This services help people with developmental or mental retarded disabilities develop, improve, or maintain their adaptive behaviors and daily living skills.  As a participant in our program, the habilitation goals will be developed based on a participant diagnosis, mental and behavioral functions, by mutual agreement with parents or legal guardian. Participants receive support as you learn new things, such as personal hygiene skills or self-care, interpersonal social skills, entertainment skills, money management, and others. The Saturday habilitation program also provides therapeutic services as speech therapy, group music therapy, group social skill training, self assertive training, yoga, gym sports, and others.  This program starts from 12:00 pm to 5:00pm every Saturday.


Respite Services

This service is designed to provide relief to stress, tension, taking break-time for supports that provide primary care for family members. This service is providing for participants who are in need of oversight and supervision. Participants in this service will be receiving a play day along with study time, handcrafts, painting, learning or playing computer, watching educational videos, interpersonal social skills, entertainment skills, money management skills, and others, etc. We offer this service every Saturday starting from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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