Individual counseling is a form of mental health care appropriate for and available to clients of all ages ranging from children to elderly.  It offers a confidential and supportive environment shared exclusively between client and therapist wherein treatment is tailored to meet the client’s unique needs, for example focusing on issues related to relationships, childhood trauma, ex-or current relationship, family related problems, substance abuse, family violence, mental health, children rearing, parenting, employment, and various other issues. Additionally, Sigma Counseling also provides mandated individual counseling associated with referrals from court/legal /CPS, and other cases. The therapeutic power of the alliance established in individual counseling between client and therapist fosters a sense of security which encourages clients to explore and address unresolved issues, identify issues, concerns about one’s intimate relationship, feelings of depression, anxiety and much more. Additionally experienced therapists offer insight, coping strategies, problem-solving, communication skills training and many other interventions to assist clients in achieving their desired goals.  The first step in beginning individual counseling is scheduling an intake session wherein the client and therapist initially meet to review the client’s history, presenting issues and begin the counseling process by collaboratively goal setting and treatment planning.  

Individual sessions are the standard “45-minute therapy hour,” with 10 minutes at the end to set up the next appointment


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