Family Violence Counseling/Therapy provides individual, couple, and group counseling for domestic violence, abusive relationships, and anger management. Individual counseling sessions are on a one-on-one counseling basis that offe the patient the opportunity to share the depths of his/her suffering and to vent long-withheld anger and fears. Our program helps each family member or victim to recognize individual strengths, better decisions, emotional/psychological/mental health issues, and also helps to set new goals and designs a plan to achieve them. Our program also welcomes court or legally ordered counseling/therapy case(s). Our program offers assessments consisting of the use of screening instruments, an in-depth psychosocial and/or mental health clinical interview, a review of criminal history, assessments of alcohol and drug problems, as well as a victim statement. An appropriate level of intervention is then assessed by ample experienced licensed counselors or psychologists.




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