The Battering Intervention & Prevention Program (BIPP) is a program accredited by the Texas Council on Family Violence and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. BIPP is tailored towards individuals who were found accountable for past abusive behaviors and teaches the fundamentals of leading a non-violent lifestyle. The goal of the BIPP program is to offer a more economical and meaningful alternative to incarceration by helping change ingrained beliefs. We welcome referrals from courts, probation officers, the Department of Family Protective Services, judges, volunteer programs, and others.

BIPP is a 18 week program and consists of one orientation session, two individual sessions (intake and exit evaluation), and 18 weekly group sessions. Attendees should set aside two hours to complete each group session.

Completion of this program will cost $660: Orientation - $30.00, Intake - $45, Exit Evaluation - $45, and Group Sessions - $30 per session. This is a time and cost effective program.


For any questions or to sign up for the program, please contact us at 972-820-6299 or contact us here.

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